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Духи Montale в Челябинске

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Духи Montale в Челябинске
Духи Montale

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An olfactory creation inspired by a landscape of the beautiful island of Capri, which combines the freshness of Lavender and Citrus Fruits from Italy, with enveloping notes of Jasmine, Orange They embody the Promethean dream of creation by fusion.


Pierre Montale is one of those people. This tireless traveller had a date with destiny 20 years ago in the far reaches of the Kingdom of Arabia. Introduced to confidential and millennia olfactory materials directly through the Royal family, he puts his suitcases down to go on an inward journey, fluctuation between learning process and pure marvel. Back to his homeland in , he presents his first creations under the aegis of the new eponymous house.

Montale thus becomes the point of contact of two worlds. A unique olfactory immersion which stimulates a motionless journey and secretly in love with the eternal movement of the soul.

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Fragrant Asian ointment commonly used in the Gulf region and Saudi Arabia, this scent is extracted from the Oud tree. A secret millennia process kept away from light during several years.

Subjugated by his infinite combinatorial properties, Pierre Montale became the first exporter of Aoud for the West. He will then compose more than a hundred of timeless fragrances. Its strength comes from the dents of the ages and the lands that have borne it, and its splendor, immediately perceptible, can be discovered and known only through time.

The tree naturally secrets a defense against this parasite. This mechanism produces a very dark and aromatic resin.

The iconic Montale

After a distillation process, the Aoud is here. It is a material used in spiritual rites and practices from the Middle East to the Far bats, crossing the border of religions.

The more I work the Aoud, the more I know him, the more he reveals wealth and makes us want to create around him. It is a matter of a vertiginous depth, which converses a mystery of which we have the silage. Each fragrance is a possibility to highlight an aspect of Aoud, according to different harmonies.

Montale Roses Musk Perfume

The Aoud is indomitable, demanding, its texture is unique. Both in the process that allows it to be obtained, once deposited on the skin. Its wake is intense, fluid and present. Its elegance makes it awaken the senses with subtlety.

Духи Montale в Челябинске

It is a generous matter which gives happiness and beauty. Their delicate scents, powerful and recognizable, evokes for the creator the very scent of the oriental gardens.

Vanilla was one of the first scents of the brand. Intimate, sensual and greedy, it is indispensable to the development of Oriental perfumes.

О бренде MONTALE

Montale Parfums has more than 10 fragrances around Vanilla Bourbon: Flowers offer depths and richness inside his creations. They represent the sun and the light. All our flowers are extracted in Grasse, the emblematic city of perfumes. Fruits bring natural sugar, acidity, freshness. They help to compose sexy and sparkling perfumes. Charnel, enveloping and sensual, these materials are essential in the Montale landscape.

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It embodies the combination of luxurious modernity and the preservation of traditions. The aluminum bottle Montale has been specially created to protect and preserve the valuable essences and contribute to their evolution. The fragrance you buy today will gain strength and roundness along its conservation.

The secret of an elixir. More than an Oud, it is the first fragrance from the house which offers an intensity and a total surprise, by its mastered originality. It is a perfume with a powerful wake of sensuality.

Название товара: Духи Montale

Страна: Япония

Год: 2018

Срок годности: до 22.08.2020

Рейтинг товара: 4.88 из 5.00 на основе 270 голосов

Маркировка продукции: Сертификат EAC

Товар сертифицирован

Доставка: уточнит оператор

Оплата: наличными/картой при получении

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