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Ультразвуковой отпугиватель Pest Reject в Нижнем Новгороде
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Electromagnetic[ edit ] Electromagnetic "EM" pest repelling devices claim to affect the nervous system of ants, spiders, mice and other rodents.

What Is Ultrasonic Pest Reject?

Some animals, such as bats, dogs, and rodents, can hear well into the ultrasonic range. Contrary to popular belief, birds cannot hear ultrasonic sound. The ultrasonic repeller has several inconvenient side effects in addition to its questionable effectiveness. As a result, more thermal energy is converted in insects. RF treatments control insect pests without negatively affecting food stuffs and storage locations.

RF treatments may serve as a non-chemical alternative to chemical fumigants for post-harvest pest control in commodities such as almonds , pecans , pistachios , lentils , peas , and soybeans , reducing the long-term impact on the environment, human health, and competitiveness of agricultural industries. Please see the talk page for more information.

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September Studies[ edit ] "Ultrasound and Arthropod Pest Control" , an extensive Kansas State University study, [5] confirmed that ultrasonic sound devices do have both a repellent effect as well as reduces mating and reproduction of insects. However, the results were mixed, and ultrasonic sound had little or no effect on some pests. Ultrasonic devices were highly effective on crickets , while the same devices had little repellent effect on cockroaches.

Additionally, the results were mixed: The study also concluded there was no effect on ants or spiders in any of the tests.

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They concluded, based on the mixed results, that more research is needed to improve these devices. The results from the tests were: This represents a This includes devices that emit a uniform frequency as well as those that emit changing frequencies of ultrasound. Researchers were able to use the increased cockroach activity to good effect by increasing the rate at which they caught the roaches in sticky traps.

The Lovebug is still readily available in Europe, though it was withdrawn from the US market after the Federal Trade Commission reprimanded the manufacturer Prince Lionheart.

How Does Ultrasonic Pest Reject Work?

At best, ultrasonic waves have only a partial or temporary effect on rodents. Numerous studies have rejected ultrasonic sound as a practical means of rodent control in favor of rat traps or rat-catchers. Other tests have shown that the degree of repellance depends on the frequency, intensity, and pre-existing condition of the rodent infestation. The intensity of such sounds must be so great that damage to humans or domestic animals would also be likely; commercial ultrasonic pest control devices do not produce sounds of such intensity.

Leighton claims that commercial products are often advertised with cited levels which cannot be critically accepted due to lack of accepted measurement standards for ultrasound in air, and little understanding of the mechanism by which they may represent a hazard.

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