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Hurricane Spin Broom в Полтаве

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Механический веник Hurricane Spin Broom в Полтаве
Hurricane Spin Broom

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Features Lightweight This unit is lightweight and portable which means you can take it with you anywhere you visit. Spins The design spins to brush up your mess, which makes it not only easier to use but better to use if you have any type of pain bending over.

Swivel It uses a swivel steering design to make cleaning easier and faster. No Touch Dustpan There is a no touch, large capacity dust pan. Harder Places The design is ideal for harder to reach places. Positive Points Less Pain When working as claimed, the use of this unit allows users to avoid the painful experience of constantly bending over with a handheld dustpan trying to sweep into it.

This motion when repeated is very bad for someone with bad knees or back problems. For that reason, it is better to have something which automatically pulls the dirt inside. Normally brooms can gather things moderately well, larger pieces of debris, but then there is that one line of smaller debris that remains no matter how many times you try to get it.

Rather than that single line being pushed across your floor, you get the cleaner outcome of everything sucked into the built in dust pan. Better Air Quality The no-touch dust pan is a healthier alternative to for any home. Most dust pans end up kicking up some of the swept debris when you try to get the dirt into them. The debris is either flung over the top of the dust pan or it hits the unit and goes off to one side.

Waist Cinching & Training

With the angles on this design, neither of those happen. Rather than being sort of launched into the dustpan from a normal broom, these bristles maintain contact at a flatter angle so that anything which is swept is naturally moved into the pan gently.

This alleviates any dust being kicked back up into the air. Overall, it improves air quality. In the same way that most users rely on something like a Swiffer pad after they have vacuumed, so too with this. The bristles might pick things up, but some things like large amounts of hair caught deep within the bristles might not be released into the dust pan. When this happens, you have to manually remove the clumps the same way you do hair from a normal broom.

Механический веник Hurricane Spin Broom в Полтаве

During this process, other small debris or dirt might fall off, which then dirties the floor all over again. How It Works The Hurricane Spin Broom relies upon spinning brushes to gather mess without the traditionally hard work of trying to use a regular broom and dust pan. In theory, by spinning, the lightweight unit is more of an electrically powered unit that literally grabs hold of more debris with each turn and flings it into the dustpan.

Behind this design is the idea that instead of bristles which sweep forward and backward, these bristles stand flush against the floor so that even small debris is not overlooked. Each piece of debris gets caught in the bristles which stand flush with the floor. As the bristles spin, the debris is pulled into the center where the dustpan opening is.

Swivel Sweeper Max is a swivel head and spinning brush vacuum which alleviates the use of bigger, bulkier vacuum bags.

Электрическая швабра Hurricane Spin Broom — независимый обзор и отзывы покупателей

It has a low profile design so that you can clean up under your furniture without having to move the furniture. With its flat shape, you are able to reach harder to reach places like under tables or couches. Brushes spin at rpm. When done, you can remove, clean, and reuse the bristles. Comparatively, the Hurricane unit is not as cheap but it has the built in dust pans at the right angle. Flat shapes are the same, but the actual design looks different.

This design is something previously popular insofar as it would be run over a carpet and the debris or hairs picked right up and tossed into the dust pan. The idea is that of a vacuum, but without the electricity. Lightweight, it is ideal for quick jobs or small jobs. In between bigger cleans it fulfills all of your quick touch up jobs. It is compact in size so taking it on the road is simple.

So strong, it can pick up cat hair, ash, paper clips, and dust.

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Mopnado Deluxe Spin Mop The Mopnado stainless steel design has two microfiber mop heads that roll and spin in a similar fashion as the Hurricane design. A mop, not a broom, the science and technology behind the idea is the same as the Hurricane. It boasts large wheels and two handles, a spin dry basket, a cleaning solution, and two microfiber heads to reach all floor types. Use it on hardwood, laminate, concrete, or tile. Watch as the mop head swivels degrees, reaching hard to reach places like under your furniture.

You can even lock it in place to reach windows. Save Money This unit is more than just a broom. While a broom by design, it fulfills the normal places of a vacuum for multiple surfaces.

With this unit you no longer have to pay for the cost of vacuum cleaner bags or the electricity needed to run vacuums. This saves you the regular costs of operation traditionally associated with a vacuum.

Механический веник Hurricane Spin Broom

By cleaning up across lots of floors, not just carpets, it also reduces the costs for consumers on other methods of sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping. Save Time Being able to reach places like under the couch or tables without moving said couch or table saves a lot of time normally spent on cleaning. Complaints Rip Off There was one customer who complained that the brushes were bent and not very strong at all.

They claimed that it was not powerful enough to pick anything up and that it was essentially useless. The customer ended up throwing the Spin Broom in the trash. With one customer claiming that they were told that the Spin Broom had a light, which theirs did not. One Direction There were many complaints about the way that the Hurricane Spin Broom only works when pushed in one direction. There were a handful of customers who mentioned that the broom was difficult to push down on and move forward at the same time.

Defective There was at least one complaint that a customer received a product that was damaged. It is not made clear whether this was due to the manufacturer or the shipping company. Clogs There were several complaints that the bristles get clogged up easily and stop working whenever the customers would try to clean fur or hair with the Spin Broom. Not Recommended There was one customer that complained this was the worst product that they had ever purchased.

They claimed that their Spin Broom did not work at all and that the advertisement had made false claims about the product.

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The offers also include a free Hurricane Fur Wizard. It is an extra large lint brush that is made to pick up hair, fur, and lint. The lint brush has a matching self-cleaning base that may be purchased for another small fee. You will, however, have to pay the shipping and handling on the return. Optional Packages If you choose the purchase the Hurricane Spin Broom, you will be able to choose between three different packages.

With the first package, you will get to choose either one Spin Broom or the double offer which includes the Fur Wizard. Faq How Long for Shipping? Shipping usually takes somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks. Of course, delivery times will always vary but the company does its best to avoid back orders and have packages delivered in under 6 weeks.

Название товара: Механический веник Hurricane Spin Broom

Страна: Португалия

Год: 2018

Срок годности: до 20.09.2028

Рейтинг товара: 4.99 из 5.00 на основе 424 голосов

Маркировка продукции: Сертификат EAC

Товар сертифицирован

Доставка: уточняется у оператора

Оплата: наличными/картой при получении

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