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I have used it for 2 weeks, not lost one kilo, hungry all the time, not for me! Will continue for the month, but dont anticipate change. I have tried NanoSlim fo about a month. It has been working for me. I diet and exercise. I do drink more water now. This is the only product that seemed to help meloose the fat in the subcutaneous layer that developed after menopause.

I could easly loose 10 lbs. That stopped after menopause. I have had no side effects. I take vitamens daily and exercize and drink plenty of water. Spmething I have done all my life. At 59 I am backpacking and hiking and dogsledding as I have for years.

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I am sorry that most who use this product do not apreaciate how well it can work, but life style is all important. I hope it will NOT be discontinued.

That happens often when I find something that works. Nano Slim has done absolutely nothing for me. I have lost no weight. It has no effect on me whatsoever.

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I just bought nanoslim the other day… peeed nonstop and was super hungry all day… NOT good. I have used nanoSlim for the past 6 months. With the exercising I do I have lost a total of 28 lbs. Not every diet pill works for everyone. For those who were looking for results in 2 weeks, get real unless you are starving your self that will not happen. It taks time for your body to adjust.

And remember when you exercise you are gaining muscle which weighs more than fat. I have just started nanoslim yesterday and I do feel more full. I did not snack last night.

I will give my comments. I work out at the gym days wkly. I started nanoslim august 19 i finished the whole pack and i have lost 11 pound in 30 days.

nanoSlim - биомагниты в Кирове

I cant find them in any store now. This is product help me eat less and not crave for sweets. My sister also tried it and lost 14 pound in one month. Just bought this today and I really hope that it works for me but we will just have to wait and see!!

Lots of Luck to anyone trying to loose the weight like I am!!! Suppressed appetite and still slept like a baby. I used Nanoslim in conjunction with Alli,mild exercise and watched what I ate.

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This one small pill once in the morning is the greatest way to help lose and maintain weight loss especially for those who cannot refuse carbs and sweets.

I use it with exercise so I burn the energy it gives me plus it boost my mood and I want to exercise. Believe me, I an not an exercise nut but I know it is good for me. I strugle with it but taking nanoslim boost my mood. It really worked with the belly fat. I have been taking Nano slim for a month now and lost 5 pounds. I gained weight over the year because of my depression pills and this was safe to use.


I had no side effects and totally am confident in it. For all the peopel that take it and dont move and continue to eat junk. Not even a miracle will help you out unless you have a little self disapline. I have been using NanoSlim for 6 months and have lost 33 lbs. I feel great, i have tried other pills and got nausous and ill feeling but not with this. I like that its on litte pill once a day, i never forget to take it.

I am eating WAY better and I am exercising. I truly believe the harder it is to take off the longer it will stay off.

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And for god sake… you put the lbs on… we deserve to work them off!!!! So I like Nanoslim…its slow but steady and it doesnt make me sick.

I usuded in CO. Not sure what is though. Can all those extracts, even fit into a tiny pill, just curious. Even better, where do yo get them? Been thinking of using NANIslim since I need energy because lately i am tired all the time and need to exercise so I can speed my metabolism. When I used nanoSLIM,it curbed my evening appetite just the way I needed and I was able to lose the weight I needed without any other help but nutrition and usual exercise.

What happened to it???!!! Name email will not be published and is not required to submit a comment.

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