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Ultra Save Boxx в Великом Новгороде

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Ultra Save Boxx в Великом Новгороде
Ultra Save Boxx

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Товар сертифицирован Да Приветствуем. Оформите заказ и Вам перезвонит наш сотрудник в течение 5-ти минут. Can I have you guys make a custom saber I have come up with?

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Sorry, we do not accept custom saber requests any longer. Do all Ultra Sabers come with sound? What type of sound can I have in my Ultra Saber? Can I mail by saber back to have sound added? No, not all Ultra Sabers come with sound. Sound is an added option. We use our own custom soundboard called the Obsidian USB.

Check out the video for it here. You can get additional sound fonts for your Obsidian here. Only the saber listed on our Sabers with Sound section can have sound added to them.

If the saber is NOT listed in the Sabers with Sound section, then sound can not be added to it, there are no exceptions to this. If you purchased a saber listed in the Sabers with Sound section as a STUNT saber, you can mail your saber back at a later date to have sound added at an additional charge, email us at info ultrasabers. Request a Product Do you install mirrors in the tips of your sabers to help with the lighting?

Mirrors stop the light from passing through the blade tip and do not give the effect of a real blade.

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We use a semi-transparent film which reflects most of the light, but allows some to pass through. This, along with our specialized film removes the bulbing effect, elminates most of the base flair and provides a consistent light through the entire distance of the blade itself.

Does my saber come with a covertec wheel? Can I add a covertec wheel to my saber? Do you sell covertec clips? Why Ultrasave A covertec wheel is the knob on a lightsaber that allows you to attach the lightsaber to a covertec clip and wear it on your belt.

A covertec clip is the clip that you wear on your belt that allows you to hang your lightsabers from a covertec wheel for costuming or to just carry your saber in general. This is typically done with the blade removed.

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The blades are removable on ALL Ultrasabers. Not all Ultra Sabers come standard with a covertec wheel. You can purchase a covertec wheel separately from here. You can purchase a covertec clip separately from here.

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How can I help keep my blade tip on my blade during duels and sparring? How do color changing discs work? You remove the blade, drop a disc down the blade socket, then replace the blade.

These only work properly with the Adegan Silver blade color. Colors obtained using color discs create a blade that is significantly dimmer than if you just ordered that color blade standalone for example Guardian Blue is much brighter than using a blue color disc.

How do I attached or remove the blade from my Ultra Saber? Watch this video for our blade how to: How do I re-attached the tip that has fallen off my Ultra Sabers blade? Watch this video for our tip re-attachment how to: You can also purchase additional tips from our parts section here: How do I charge the batteries on my saber with sound? How do I access the USB port on my soundboard?

Watch this video for information of how to access the battery pack on your Ultra Saber with sound: How do I upload soundfonts onto my Obsidian soundboard or change the sensor settings? How do I change the settings on my Emerald Driver? If your serial is or higher then you have a 3. Welcome to Pure 4Runner! If it is lower then you have a 1.

Ultra Save Boxx в Великом Новгороде

If your purchased your soundboard after February then you have a 3. How can I find my Serial? Connect your saber to the Obsidian Launcher and your serial can be found at the top of the Launcher. Does the Obsidian USB 3. Does the Obsidian USB 2.

If you have the Obsidian USB 3. You can re-install v2. Please do not order the Adegan Silver thinking that the light will be just as bright.

In other words -If you want an Adegan Silver blade for its color -go for it. You May Also Like If you want an Adegan Silver blade for the color disks - we highly suggest a different color as you will be disappointed with what you receive. What is a blade plug? Blade Plugs are designed to be installed in your saber when the blade is removed. What is a Recharge Port? It is a port added to the exterior of the saber that you simply plug our provided charger into.

You can still remove the batteries from the saber to charge them in a battery charger or you can charge your batteries in your saber through the recharge port without having to remove them. There is a constant current draw on high powered LEDs and soundboards even when your lightsaber is turned off. This current draw is minimal, especially with the Obsidian USB soundboard, this current draw is nearly non-existent.

BOXX Future Workstation Design Challenge

However, if you would like to take that constant current draw from nearly non-existent to completely non-existent then a kill key would allow you to do that. When the kill key or your charger are plugged into the recharge port the flow of current is completely "killed.

Troubleshoot laptop Hibernation and Standby issues If you would like to be able to turn your lightsaber on while it was plugged in then select do not select the kill key option. I personally highly recommend not getting the kill key. They are not useful and they actually take functionality away from the saber. In other words, kill keys are useless in an Ultrasaber and are a waste of money.

Recharge Ports alone however are GREAT investments and add a ton of functionality to your Ultrasaber and are one of our best features as an added option. If your saber is on, it requires more current than the 0. If you wish to leave your lightsaber on for an extended period of time overnight, days, weeks, etc then the 0. It is solely used to charge the batteries while the saber is off.

It can also be used to keep your lightsaber on for extended periods. This is great for keeping your lightsaber on display. A red light on your charger means the batteries are not fully charged yet. A green light on your charger means the batteries are fully charged.

Check out this video for more information: What is Quick Disconnect? This option allows you to remove the MLS unit and replace it with one of a different color. Additional MLS units are sold here: The RGB color options means that your saber will have 7 different colors in one hilt.

The seven different color options are:

Название товара: Ultra Save Boxx

Страна: Канада

Год: 2018

Срок годности: до 19.10.2020

Рейтинг товара: 4.85 из 5.00 на основе 264 голосов

Маркировка продукции: Сертификат EAC

Товар сертифицирован

Доставка: уточнит оператор

Оплата: наличными/картой при получении

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