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Товар сертифицирован Да Приветствуем. Оформите заказ и Вам перезвонит наш сотрудник в течение 3-х минут. Is it due to the current Breitling production, the fact that few famous drivers or Hollywood stars wore their models….

This young horologist of 24 years old only shortly specialized in chronographs.

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Highlights In , the company moved to La Chaux de Fond and established in a street which will be named Montbrillant shortly after. During the torments of the 1st World War, Gaston Breitling tried at all costs to keep and preserve its markets and to adapt the production to make the company live. Breitling patented in a chronograph movement with an independent pusher for starting and stopping the chronograph. The function reset was done by the crown. Even if this innovation clearly announces the imminent arrival of the chronograph as we know it today, with two separated pushers at 2 and 4, we should wait for to see this famous patent.

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In the meantime, Willy Breitling succeeded his father in , once he reached the age of maturity. Willy will make the company works during 4 decades before the terrible quartz crisis that will prove to be stronger than the family company. Highlights Without entering into polemics concerning ownership of this or this invention, it is undeniable to my eyes that Breitling, with more than models since its foundation until excluding executions of a same model!

A condensate of what makes, for me, Breitling an important and fabulous brand to discover and collect. Breitling and the aviation First flight instruments were produced in with 8 days power reserve dashboard clocks. We can see the first apparition of the famous waterproof chronograph ref , which will become AVI in This special chronograph is initially available for sale to AOPA members only.

Here below is an advertising of the time: The name Navitimer is a concatenation of Navigation and Timer, enlightening its initial purpose of being the perfect tool for any pilot during a flight.


At a time when computers were not very present in cockpits, this instrument enables to make easy and reliable calculations, like multiplications, divisions, fuel consumption, speed… Source: Navitimer user guide — WatchFred A controversial history The initial issue date of the Navitimer gave rise to a large number of debates among collectors. Popular Used Breitling Navitimer Watches In fact, official communication from Breitling is that the first Navitimer was issued in This is based on some Navitimer having a serial number starting by 82XXXX, dating those watches in , indeed.

Those characteristics are, to name a few: The theory advanced and which is know widely accepted is that there was a mistake in serial number stamping and that a Navitimer batch was accidentally stamped 82XXXX while it should have been stamped 92XXXX. Features of the first generation to mid The case The caseback is really special because it does not bear the typical reference number, adding weight to the allegation that the first Navitimer was initially offered to AOPA members only, without being referenced in any Breitling catalog.

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It has to be noted that a transitional version appeared in , with the Valjoux 72 movement but with stamped in the caseback too. Hands Hands hour, minutes and chrono hands are made of mat steel, not painted. Painted hands will come later mid From mid to mid , there is also a transitional period: Navitimer have mat steel hands seen on first gen but with the Venus , instead of the Valjoux Rene also did a very interesting work on that: From what I know, pre Navitimer have bezel with beads of rice ranging from to Navitimer pre with beads of rice Navitimer from Source: The movement being a bit too small for the case, it is hold tight with a ring and 3 screws.

Название товара: Cпрей-антикариес Stomateus

Страна: Португалия

Год: 2018

Срок годности: до 13.05.2027

Рейтинг товара: 4.99 из 5.00 на основе 272 голосов

Маркировка продукции: Сертификат EAC

Товар сертифицирован

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